Droid Comic Viewer

Droid Comic Viewer

Simple, straightforward Android comic viewer

Droid Comic Viewer is a free, easy-to-use comic and manga reader for Android. View full description


  • Suppors all the important formats
  • Read right-to-left or left-to-right
  • Nice interface


  • Slow


Droid Comic Viewer is a free, easy-to-use comic and manga reader for Android.

This app is a nice one by anyone’s standards. It’s attractive and easy to handle, which is obviously important in an app that functions primarily as an image viewer – as well as comics and manga, it also handles more basic image formats, like JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

In the area of comics and manga, Droid Comic Viewer supports all the most important file formats – CBR, CBZ, ACV and more. Image manipulation is easy – the app has good zoom, rotate and page controls, and there is a world of viewing-related options under Settings. Obviously, it also supports touchscreen gestures and trackball commands.

Among some of Droid Comic Viewer’s more advanced features are the ability to read right-to-left or left-to-right, and to fetch images and comics straight from the SD card. Unfortunately, you can’t actually store the app itself on your SD card.

Droid Comic Viewer is a nice app, and for basic comic reading with various options, it’s good. We couldn’t help notice, however, that it’s a little slow when loading and reading comics, which can be frustrating, while touchscreen interaction could be a little sharper. These are both irritating faults that definitely cost Droid Comic Viewer a few brownie points.

For a good, basic comic/manga viewer that supports CBZ and CBR, check out Droid Comic Viewer.

Droid Comic Viewer


Droid Comic Viewer